The Simplest Way to Manifest Anything

simplest way to manifest

September 24, 2021

Hi! I’m Krista.
Human Design Reader, girl mom, Harry Potter super-fan, and the founder and CEO of Soul & Sage. I'm on a mission to bring Human Design to the masses.
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I have some pretty unbelievable manifestation stories.⁠

From manifesting my dream home that’s right in the center of the city yet somehow also has the most beautiful, serene forest as a backyard…⁠

To manifesting the exact amount of money I needed to buy a new laptop – down to the dollar – in the most fun and unexpected way…⁠

To manifesting a relationship with the most wonderful man who supports me in everything I do…⁠

All of my best and coolest manifestations came into my life when I did the following three things.

1. Got clear on my desires.

Instead of trying to manifest a “new house”, what is the house going to look like? How many rooms will it have? What about the location? How do I feel living in it?⁠

Explore your desires fully. Have fun with it. And don’t limit yourself or the Universe!⁠

2. Decided they would be mine.⁠

Declaration is a powerful energy. When you think, feel, act, and KNOW that your desire is already yours, you are living in energetic alignment with that thing — and you draw it into your material field where you can experience it physically.⁠

3. Let it go.⁠

Surrendering might feel complication, but I promise it’s actually so simple. You just… let it go. Release it. Reassure yourself that your desire will arrive in the exact way it’s supposed to, at the exact time it’s supposed to, probably in the most unexpected, serendipitous way.⁠

And that’s it. Get clarity, decide it’s yours, and then let it go & go live your life!⁠

What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever manifested? How did it come about?⁠

simplest way to manifest anything soul and sage

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