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Teaching Human Design in a simple, practical, empowering way, so you can live a life in total alignment with who you really are. Tune in today on your favorite podcast player.





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Explore, embrace, and fully embody your one-of-a-kind Human Design.

You aren't like anyone else and you weren't meant to follow a prescribed path through life. Let's dive into your one-of-a-kind design so you can live a life in true alignment with your soul.

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4/1 self-projected Projector, Human Design Reader, and mama to Maddie.

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I’m Krista, founder + C.E.O. of Soul & Sage.

I'm here to help you discover (or rather, remember) the real you, so you can start living as your most authentic and aligned self. My life mission is to make Human Design as mainstream as astrology and Myers Briggs, and I'm known for teaching the Human Design system in a simple but empowering way.

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Having Krista as my guide has made me feel like I can achieve anything I set out to do!

— amanda montero

Since working with Krista, I'm booking clients I love working with & no longer undervaluing myself.

— michelle murphy wilson

I had my highest revenue month ever in my first month with Krista, but I've already topped it in Month 3!

— katie scott

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