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Ideas For Your Next Offer Based on Your Human Design

Offer Ideas Based on Your Human Design Profile

November 16, 2021

Hi! I’m Krista.
Human Design Reader, girl mom, Harry Potter super-fan, and the founder and CEO of Soul & Sage. I'm on a mission to bring Human Design to the masses.
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Do you know your Human Design “profile”?

You can find it on your Human Design chart (get yours here for free) and it will be made up of two numbers that are between 1 and 6, separated by a slash. For example, you can see my 4/1 profile circled in the image below.⁠



What Can You Learn From Your Human Design Profile?

⁠Your HD profile tells you the archetypes you’re embodying in this lifetime and the roles you’re here to play. It also shines light on the way you learn and absorb information the best, and the way you’re designed to share your gifts and knowledge with the world.⁠

If you’re trying to decide what type of offer to create next in your online business, here are some ideas for you to consider based on the numbers in your Human Design profile!


If you have a 1 in your Profile

Create an offer on a topic you’ve been obsessed with learning about lately. What have you been studying, researching, and investigating? Make sure you have a strong foundation of knowledge on the topic before sharing your knowledge with others.


If you have a 2 in your Profile

Create an offer on a topic that feels effortless and natural for you; something you’ve mastered and that comes easily to you, but that doesn’t come easily for everyone else. Consider your innate gifts and talents and how you can share them with the world.


If you have a 3 in your Profile

Create an offer that helps your audience overcome a challenge or obstacle that you faced and overcame when you were in their shoes. Share the mistakes you made, the lessons you learned, and what ended up working for you.


If you have a 4 in your Profile

Create an offer where you can cultivate connections and a sense of community for your customers, like a membership, mastermind, or intimate group program. Alternatively, try surveying your existing community to see what they want next from you!


If you have a 5 in your Profile

Create an offer that solves a specific problem your audience is struggling with and focuses on a creative or innovative solution that they might not have considered yet. Be sure to focus on a problem that you’re confident you can help solve for your customers.


If you have a 6 in your Profile

In what ways are you a role model for others? What wisdom have you gathered throughout your life journey? Create an offer sharing these things and helping your audience integrate this wisdom so that they can become the person they’ve always wanted to be.


Send me a message on Instagram and let me know:

What’s your Human Design profile? Did this post resonate? What offer ideas it spark?


Ideas for your next offer based on your human design profile

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