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Break up with burn out for good.
Design a spacious and supported life.
Manifest your desires with ease.


You know you need to stop working so much, pushing so hard, giving more than you receive.

You know you're ready for more support + white space in your business and life.

You know your body and soul are craving more rest.

I don't need to convince you of anything... Because you already know.

I've thought long and hard about what I want to share with you on this sales page, but do you know what I realized?

A one-month immersive program where you'll learn how to reconnect and soften into your divine feminine — the space where ease is second nature, where receiving is effortless, and where you're deeply supported and held in every way.

i'm here to change all of this.
and that's why i created held.


Well, for starters, because you were taught at a young age that you need to "earn" your success; that the only way to achieve all of your dreams was to work hard and make them happen. That resting is "lazy". That the early bird gets the worm. And a bunch of other BS beliefs that were instilled in you by your parents, authority figures, and society.

You know all of these things, and yet you aren't following through on them.

The balance + ease you've been craving

The Held Experience: January 2023

Three powerful modules

One month of support & sisterhood

Lifetime access to all course content

two live group coaching calls in january


Let's take a closer look at

In our first week together, we'll explore what the divine feminine really is, the different kinds of rest you need (with insights from your Human Design), rewriting the sh*tty beliefs holding you back, and how to lean into support, trust, and full surrender. 

You will also learn and implement my exact manifestation process—the one that's led to my dream home, my daughter, my business, a $40,000 payment directly into my bank account earlier this year... among many other amazing and miraculous things.

Feminine energetics

Trust, Surrender, + Effortless Receiving

Module one

Feminine energetics

Module one

This is the embodiment phase of the program, where you'll begin incorporating your new knowledge of the divine feminine into your daily life.

In Week 2, you'll implement daily practices for grounding, nervous system regulation, connecting to intuitive guidance, and surrendering to the divine. By the end of this week, you'll be embodying the feminine on a regular basis—not just when you're burnt out and forced to slow down. This is when the magic begins to unfold and you start seeing your desires flow effortlessly into your life.

& ritual

Practices for Embodying the Feminine

Module two

Our final Held module focuses on continuous refinement of your feminine energy. This week, we'll look at four pivotal and sacred cycles:

  • The lunar cycle
  • The monthly hormonal cycle
  • The seasonal flow of life
  • The 4 Female Archetypes or life stages/transitions

You will learn how to navigate each of these cycles with ease and grace, how to identify where you're at within these cycles, and how to shift your feminine embodiment practices accordingly.


Flowing Through Seasons in Life, Energy, + Womanhood

Module three

Your dream support team, on the physical plane and the spiritual realm

A hustle-free life where ease, flow, and receiving are second-nature

Less work, output, and stress, and more rest, play, and connection

If you're craving...

... held is the space for you.


Two Live Group Coaching Calls

Special Bonus #2

Join Krista and the other Held students for two deep-dive group coaching calls on January 15th and 29th. These calls are your chance to get in-depth guidance, support, and feedback on anything you're struggling with and goals you want to achieve.

Slack Community for all of January

Special Bonus #1

• Connect with other women who are on a similar journey to you
• Get on-the-go guidance from Krista throughout the entire month • Form lasting friendships and relationships

Module 1: Feminine Energetics

Module 2: Rhythm & Ritual

Module 3: Sacred Cycles

bonus: Private Slack Community for the month of January - support & sisterhood

bonus: two live group coaching calls with krista

Lifetime access to all content + any future upgrades made to the program

Your Investment: $555 or $92.5 x 6

everything YOU RECEIVE:

join us inside held!

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I used to be the spokesperson for "unsupported, unloved, and unclear of my direction in life." I was stuck in toxic relationships, working a minimum-wage job I hated, and struggling with numerous chronic health issues. It wasn't until I reconnected to the divine feminine and finally created balance in my life that everything began to change. Now, I live a beautiful, spacious, supported life—one with financial security, an incredible partner, a wonderful daughter, and a business + career that I love. Manifesting is the simplest and easiest thing in the world to me now, and I'm excited to share everything I know with you inside Held!

my story

Your Questions, Answered

is there a payment plan available?


Yes! The full investment is $555, and there is a payment plan of $111 per month for 5 months, or $92.50 per month for 6 months.

what's your refund policy like?


If you complete the Held program and implement the material, but still feel unsatisfied, please reach out to me and my team ( by January 31, 2023 for a full refund.

will you be running this program again soon?


I currently have no plans to run the Held program again in the future.

what if january is a really busy month for me?


Then girl, it sounds like this is the perfect time for you to create the balance, ease, and rest that comes with embracing the divine feminine.

will this be super woo-woo with no practical tips?


A bit of both. One of my superpowers is taking spiritual, esoteric topics and bringing them down to earth by making them practical and applicable to your life.

when will each module be released & when are the calls?


Module 1: January 2nd
Module 2: January 9th
Module 3: January 16th

You will have lifetime access to all modules.

Our bonus group coaching calls will take place on January 15th and 29th at 3pm Pacific.