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Learn the fundamentals of Human Design. Facilitate mind-blowing results for your clients. Revolutionize the way you coach.

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The coaching industry is changing.

Gone are the days when your clients wanted to use the exact same strategies you used in order to replicate your results (*ahem*, boring!).

Chances are, your clients don't want to follow in your exact footsteps.

They want you to help them blaze their own trail.

Cookie-cutter coaching is out; helping your clients embrace their unique power, path, and magic is IN. 

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HD for Coaches:
The Online Program

A deep-dive program for online coaches who want to master the fundamentals of Human Design so they can help their clients get better results, faster and with more ease.
Ready to revolutionize the way you coach and become the industry leader everyone's obsessed with?

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what industry you're in

Human Design will transform your coaching and your clients' results, regardless of your niche.

how long you've been a coach

The HDfC program is perfect for both the seasoned coach and the coach who's just starting out.

if you're new to human design

This program will teach you all the fundamentals and how to infuse Human Design into your coaching.

it doesn't matter...

hey girl hey!

I'm Krista, Human Design Reader and Educator

I stumbled across Human Design in 2018 and since then, have fallen madly in love with it. I've never found another spiritual tool or system that's as life-changing as Human Design.

(Oh, and if you've already started exploring Human Design, it may interest you to know that I'm a 4/1 self-projected Projector!)


You Have a Big Heart & Even Bigger Dreams.

You care about your clients and want to see them succeed. You're committed to deepening your craft and you know that Human Design is a powerful tool to add to your coaching arsenal. You're ready to dive into the Human Design system headfirst.

Sound like you? Join the Human Design for Coaches program today, learn the HD system, and use it to transform your clients' lives.

HD for Coaches is a 6-module online training program for soul-led coaches.

When you enroll, you will receive immediate access to all course content plus the Facebook group.

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Program Overview

The Modules:

Module 1: the foundations of human design & mechanics of the hd chart

module 3: the four energy types + the not-self & signature themes

module 4: the four strategies for living in energetic alignment 

module 2: the 9 energy centers & the flow of energy within the bodygraph

module 5: the seven authorities & the hierarchy of authority

module 6: the 6 profile lines/ARCHETYPES & the 12 profiles 

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