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Human Design Blueprints for Entrepreneurs

Receive a personalized PDF blueprint exploring your unique Human Design and how to build your business in total alignment with who you are.

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It's Time to Ditch The Rules.

You and I both know that the business world is ready for a revolution.

Cookie-cutter biz strategies are so 2019. You, my dear, need a completely customized business plan that incorporates your unique aura, the way your energy best interacts with others, your natural gifts and strengths, and the strategy that will allow you to manifest your desires faster and with more ease.

This is exactly what a personalized Human Design blueprint from Soul & Sage will give you.

let's be real.

Copying everyone else’s strategies is kinda soul-sucking.

And you’re a rebel. A rule breaker. You didn’t start a business just to be like everyone else. It’s time to embrace your one-of-a-kind magic and start showing up as your most authentic and aligned self in your business — and you do this by understanding and embodying your unique Human Design.

Human Design is the imprint of you — mind, body, and soul. Just like no two people are exactly alike, no two Human Design charts are exactly alike.


Soul & Sage Human Design Business Blueprints

A personalized 25+ page PDF blueprint that explores the most important elements of your Human Design chart, including Type, Strategy, Authority, and Profile, plus shares ideas for incorporating your Human Design into your business – all while giving you permission to show up as the real you.

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When ordering your blueprint, you'll enter your birth date, time of birth, and the city you were born in.

and then

Within one week, your completed blueprint will be sent to you via email from

and finally...

You incorporate the insights into your business to create a soul-aligned strategy that feels totally yummy!

How it works

Kind Words

This finally feels like the right next step for me and totally in alignment with what I want & how I want to operate.

— stephanie, founder of the sequoia community

If you want to build a business that's sustainable AND feels good to you personally, Krista is your girl.

— katie, founder of more with money

Having Krista as my guide has made me feel like I can achieve anything in my business!

— amanda, founder of the rising ceo


I'm Krista, a Human Design Reader and Online Educator.

I first discovered Human Design in 2018 and since then, have fallen madly in love with it. I’m constantly deepening my study of HD, and there’s nothing I love more than watching my clients transform their businesses by embracing their unique energy and magic.


You're Ready for Something Different.

Because what you’ve been doing lately? It just isn't working anymore. Those rinse-and-repeat mass market strategies and over-used templates are starting to feel a liiiittle soul-stifling, right? Love, your business is begging you for a breath of fresh air. 

Order your Human Design Blueprint and start using your one-of-a-kind magic to build a soul-aligned business that feels totally yummy.

“Krista’s reading was so insightful and digestible! Her analogies were relatable and she made an intimidating topic feel easy. Human Design is so fascinating, and Krista made sense of all the terms for me and how they apply to my business.” 

— rachel

What's included in your business blueprint


1. your energy type:
including your gifts and challenges

3. your inner authority:
AKA your decision-making compass

4. your NOT-SELF & SIGNATURE themes:
signs that you're in or out of alignment

↠ each area is explained in easy-to-understand language, explored, and then applied to your online business.

Are you ready for a soul-aligned business?

2. your strategy:
how to best interact with others

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5. your profile:
the two main archetypes you embody