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Articles to help you show up as your fully expressed self and live in total alignment with who you came here to be. Read about Human Design, soul-aligned business strategy, manifestation, and how to improve your relationships and parenting skills with Human Design.

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For entrepreneurs

HD Business Blueprints

Get a personalized business blueprint that explores your energy type, strengths, potential challenges, decision-making process, and life path. 

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for online coaches

HD for Coaches

Our signature 6-week program for online coaches who want to infuse Human Design into their work to maximize their impact.

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More about the woman behind the Soul & Sage brand

Human Design opened me to a deeper understanding of who I am, the work I'm here to do, and how I can live a more fulfilled, aligned, lit-up life. And now, I'm dedicated to bringing this revolutionary system to the masses to help transform as many lives as possible.

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Helping coaches and service providers build abundant businesses and soul-rich lives.