Get to know our founder and C.E.O., Krista Dickson.

Krista is a 4/1 self-projected Projector, psychology graduate, Human Design Reader, and mom to a spunky little muffin named Maddie.

the back story

From burnt out and working two jobs to creating the life, business, and family of her dreams.

In 2016, Krista Dickson left her day job to pursue a career in online business education. Two years later, she stumbled across Human Design and spent the next few years dabbling in it sporadically. Finally, she couldn't ignore the never-ending nudges from the Universe any longer and she committed to fully learning the Human Design system.

She has since completed multiple Human Design training programs and now loves helping others explore, embrace, and embody their unique Human Design, in hopes of creating a more loving and understanding world.

Krista and her daughter, Maddie

The story behind the name

In true Gate 43 fashion (the Gate of Breakthrough Insights), the Soul & Sage name struck Krista like a bolt of lightning one day and she immediately knew it was a perfect fit for this brand.

Soul: "The spiritual principle embodied in human beings, all rational and spiritual beings, or the universe." (source: Merriam-Webster).

Krista often refers to the Human Design system as a remembrance of soul and a homecoming of self. Human Design reconnects you with who you really are under the surface, and who you came here to be.

The "sage" part of the name comes from Krista's Incarnation Cross, the Juxtaposition Cross of Stillness. Her life purpose is to provide sage advice and guidance to others when invited in.

Together, we have Soul & Sage: a brand committed to bringing the revolutionary Human Design system to the masses and teaching Human Design in a simple but empowering way.

Krista is a huge Harry Potter fan and loves reading the books over and over. Almost as much as she loves snuggling her daughter.


Krista Dickson is a Canadian-based Human Design Reader and Educator. She is the founder of Soul & Sage, a brand on a mission to bring Human Design to the masses in order to help create a world with more love, alignment, and understanding.


about founder krista dickson


Krista has watched all 8 Harry Potter movies at least 20 times. They’re her comfort blanket.


Her signature playlist would include a range from Queen's Greatest Hits Album to 90s rap.


You’ll find her wearing a frilly white dress or a pair of sweatpants — there’s no in between.


She dreams of spending three months every year travelling the world with her family.

Your at-a-glance guide to where Krista stands on all the important things.


Favorite indulgence

White chocolate Reese peanut butter cups

celeb i'd love to meet

Keanu Reeves

Guilty pleasure

Watching Love Island UK

alternate universe job:

An esthetician. I even went to school for it!

favorite place i've been:

Disneyland (yes, I'm a kid at heart).

drink of choice

A mojito or a peach cider

can't live without

My mini-me, Maddie & my fiancé, Scott

usually craving

Candy, chocolate, etc... I have a huge sweet tooth.

beach vs mountains

A beach surrounded by mountains!

favorite show to binge

Big Brother or Survivor


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