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Ready to unlock your innate gifts, discover your life path + purpose, and reconnect with the real you?

At Soul & Sage, we're on a mission to bring Human Design to the masses in order to create a more understanding, loving, empowered collective.

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Meet the revolutionary system for self-discovery.

Your Human Design chart is the energetic blueprint of your soul in this lifetime. Who you are, how you interact best with others, your life path and purpose, and the impact you're here to make on the world.

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Learn the basics of the Human Design system and begin interpreting and understanding your HD chart in this free 60-minute recorded masterclass.

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 Get a 25+ page PDF blueprint that explores your unique Human Design and how to maximize it in your business as an online entrepreneur.

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Tune in to the Soul & Sage podcast, where host and founder Krista Dickson  helps you uncover, explore, embrace, and embody your Human Design.

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“Human Design is the remembrance of soul. And understanding your unique design is a homecoming of self.” 

- krista dickson

Meet Krista Dickson, the founder, CEO, and Visionary behind the Soul & Sage brand

Understanding my own Human Design transformed my life in every way imaginable; my relationships, my day-to-day activities, my business, and so much more. Nothing was left untouched. Human Design opened me to a deeper understanding of who I am, the work I'm here to do, and how I can live a more fulfilled, aligned, lit-up life. And now, I'm dedicated to bringing this revolutionary system to the masses to help transform as many lives as possible.

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Human Design for Coaches

For the online coach who wants to learn the fundamentals of Human Design so they can revolutionize their coaching practice and change their clients' lives.

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Articles to help you explore, experiment with, and embody your unique magic by uncovering your Human Design.

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The Podcast

Your home for Human Design insights, spiritual guidance, and tips to help you live an energetically aligned life. 

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Educational resources to help you discover, embrace, and live out your unique Human Design.

You aren't like anyone else, and you weren't designed to follow a cookie cutter path through life. It's time to start living your most authentic, fulfilled, and aligned life.

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A 25+ page blueprint that explores your energy type, strengths, potential challenges, archetypes, and life strategy.

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Understand the Human Design language and each part of the BodyGraph.

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Discover the perfect paid offers for your business according to your design.

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Overcome Imposter Syndrome with HD

Discover your unique form of imposter syndrome based on your Human Design.

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Human Design tips and inspiration for living an exceptional life.