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At Soul & Sage, we help coaches and online service providers build abundant businesses and soul-rich lives.

We believe there's no "right" way to build a business — only your way. And we're here to help you discover it!

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The revolutionary tool for self-discovery.

Your Human Design chart is the energetic blueprint of your soul in this lifetime, revealing who you are, your life purpose, and the impact you're here to make on the world. Let's infuse your design into the way you market, sell, and build your business.

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Human Design

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Articles to help you understand your Human Design, build a soul-aligned business, and manifest the life, family, and freedom you desire.

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HD Blueprints

Receive a 25+ page PDF blueprint that explores your unique Human Design and how to maximize it in your business as a soul-led entrepreneur.

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HD for Coaches

Join our signature 6-week program where you'll use the Human Design system to revolutionize your work and maximize your impact as an online coach.

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"With freedom, books, flowers, and the moon, who could not be happy?"

- oscar wilde

Meet Krista Dickson,
the founder of Soul & Sage

I've been teaching and coaching in the online business space since 2016, and nothing lights me up more than helping other soulful women create the abundant business and freedom lifestyle they desire. After having my daughter in 2020, I underwent a massive personal transformation that soon began to seep over into my business. I deepened my study of Human Design, and the following year, Soul & Sage was born.

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The Blog

In-depth articles about Human Design, building a soulful business, and living your most authentic + abundant life.

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Follow along with Krista's life as an online business owner, toddler mom, and big fan of slow, spacious, intentional living. 

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"Maybe the journey isn't so much about BECOMING anything.

Maybe it's about un-becoming everything that isn't really you so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place."

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A 25+ page blueprint that explores your energy type, strengths, potential challenges, archetypes, and life strategy.

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The Latest on the Blog —

Human Design 101: Terminology

Understand the Human Design lingo and each part of the BodyGraph.

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Create Offers Based on Your Human Design

Discover the perfect paid offers for your business according to your design.

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Overcome Imposter Syndrome with HD

Discover your unique form of imposter syndrome based on your Human Design.

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Helping coaches and service providers build abundant businesses and soul-rich lives.